Monday, June 21, 2010


Wisdom teeth are the last erupting teeth in humans. Its with the eruption of these teeth our dentition is completed. They erupt two in the upper jaw, one on either side and two in lower jaw,one on either side.
Now you must be surprised why they are called so, it is because they generally erupt during late teens or early twenties.But many times our jaws are not large enough to accommodate these teeth and its why they cause more problems in mouth than any other teeth.

Now let me explain you what kind of problems we exactly come across with these so called ''wisdom teeth''.
when these teeth are blocked from erupting,its termed impaction. A common problem face among many of us.
Sometimes it partially comes out and then cause pain, infection, damage to the adjacent teeth, crowding of teeth. But then sometimes its totally impacted.

We generally experience pain because these partly erupted teeth are difficult to clean and the accumulated food particles cause the gums around the tooth to get infected, this infection reflects as pain and swelling around the area.

Let me give you some remedies to overcome the pain that often disturbs our routine:
  • Try chewing gum on the side where you are experiencing pain for it massages the paining area and may give a temporary relief.
  • Use a topical numbing agent.These topicals are available in any pharmacy.All you have to do is apply the numbing gel in the paining area to numb the site upto thirty minutes at a time.
  • Try a warm saltwater rinse.

    Finally if all these tips doesnt work out then you always do have a dentist to solve your problem.
    When you visit a dentist you are initially treated with pain relieving medicaments.
    And if still the pain persists your dentist may insist you on removal of the particular tooth.

    There is absolutely nothing to panic,as these teeth merely play any role in any of the normal functions. Extraction can be a permenant solution for the problem.

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