Friday, July 22, 2011


tooth brushing techniqueApart from being too much health conscious and being aware of health facts, there are people who are still unaware of proper brushing techniques. We generally do brush daily but fail to give attention towards correct brushing technique which is more important than just brushing itself.

The main motto of brushing is to keep our teeth clean and away from bacteria attacking the teeth. No matter how good you brush your teeth there are some bacteria left behind and the bacterial plaque starts growing the moment you stop brushing. Proper tooth brushing technique is very important to reduce the amount of bacteria left in the mouth.

Here is the method for proper tooth brushing:

  • Firstly hold the brush at 45-degree angle, starting along the gum line (it is the point where the teeth and gums meet) moving the brush along 2 or 3 teeth at a time.
  • Then move the bristles of the tooth brush from the gum to the edge of the tooth away from the gum line.
  • Use circular motion to clean the front surface of both upper and lower teeth brushing away from the gums. Never use back and forth motion on teeth as this may damage the gums and the teeth.
  • To clean the inside surfaces of the front teeth hold the brush vertically and use gentle up and down strokes.
  • To clean the chewing surfaces hold the brush flat and brush back and forth. Assure that the bristles reach the grooves of the teeth.
  • Brushing is never complete without tongue cleaning which many of us neglect. Bacteria are also present on the tongue that can cause tongue infection and bad breath. Gently brush your tongue with back to front stroke to remove the food particles on it. It will freshen your mouth breathe.
  • Thoroughly rinse the mouth with water.
  • Always concentrate more on the back teeth as it is the place where bacteria can hide easily.

Tooth Brushing Tips:

Use a pea-sized amount of fluoridated tooth paste. Fluoridated tooth pastes strengthen the teeth and make them resistant to acid attacks. But fluoridated tooth paste is not advisable for children under 2 years of age.

See that the child spits after brushing and thoroughly rinse the mouth with water.
Always advisable to brush your teeth at least for 3-4 minutes for effective cleaning.

Replace your tooth brush every 3 months or when it begins to show wear or after any illness.

Never use hard bristled brushes and avoid using too much force while brushing. This may abrade the enamel surface and cause tooth sensitivity.


  1. Caring for your teeth requires your children to brush your teeth twice a day, regardless of whether you eat chocolate candy, or just other kinds of food during dana.Candy Cane is not a tool for cleaning the teeth, and I believe many children are playing with him in the mouth. Anyone who eats foods high in sugar need to brush every day.

    Regards Amandeep